A Special Message due to the Corona Virus

SCHUMANN’S restaurant at Jardin Encantado RESORT & BOTANICAL PARK in Alto Boquete, Panama.  Creating memories with unforgettable moments!

It is the place where I live, a one of a kind beautiful paradise and the home of many exotic animals  

Today, March 31 of 2020, I have to come and ask for your support. The Corona virus crisis left us like so many other businesses around the world without any income.

Our small boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant, where I also act as executive chef is closed down by orders of government, an order I fully understand, considering the dangers it would bring to my guests, employees and myself. 

With this Corona Virus all our income  has stopped and I really don’t know how much time it will take until the situation normalizes. In the meantime there are no reserves to cover for the upkeep of the park,  our animals including salaries for the employees that take care of it.

Well, with all this in mind, I do not just want to ask for your donation but I would like to offer you some very special promotions in return for your assistance.

We are all imprisoned in this tremendous World Crisis but together we can come out stronger than ever. 

Let’s convert the hardships of Corona into a positive experience and work together on a new beginning…. protecting each other and working on a better future for all living beings and for our precious planet Earth.

Please show us your support in this difficult times and we in return will provide you with incredible savings.

Choose to receive an invoice which will provide you our bank information or choose to pay via Paypal (our Paypal Email ID:  claudia@jardinencantado.com.

If you do not find any convenient payment method please let us know at: info@jardinencantado.com