schumanns prelude 1

The start of SCHUMANN’S restaurant in the beautiful Jardin Encantado Estate was manifested as a ‘Fine Cuisine’ venue, offering exceptional dining experiences to the local and international gourmet.  Each dish is a composition to lead your senses on a walk through different tastes just like Robert Schumann’s Symphony No.1 “Spring”.

Executive Chef Claudia Schumann treats guests to international fare that is always fresh, full of flavor and made with seasonal ingredients. Fruits and vegetables come from Jardin Encantado’s own gardens or known local sources. “The ability to plant and harvest fresh produce from onsite gardens, and use it to develop my own dishes is a dream come true!”

We see it as our commitment to serve you at SCHUMANN’S with delicious culinary creations, excellent service and with a warm and personal touch.
Each and every day will be a celebration with new and exciting creations and as the restaurant’s slogan explains the experience awaiting:

SCHUMANN’S – The Art Of Dining –